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Dr. J Hartley

Certification Level: Fellow | Intensive & Standard Care (Year Certified: 2015)
1740 Tree Blvd.
St. AugustineFL 32084
Phone: (904) 679-3233
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Dr. J Hartley, known as Dr. J, was diagnosed with scoliosis as a young teenager. In the 1970’s, the options
given were watch and wait, or surgery. Faced with these two options, no treatment was provided. Not
until his own 12-year-old was faced with progressive scoliosis did he find the CLEAR Institute. His
daughter visited the CLEAR Institute in St. Cloud, MN for Intensive Care and had good results. She could
return to running and soccer. Dr. J decided to return for Intensive Care for himself and the rest is history.
He has now been focused on scoliosis detection, prevention, and reduction for over 6 years.

Dr. J graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa in 1992 . He become a Board
Certified Chiropractic Neurologist in 1995 and a Board Certified Intensive Care Scoliosis Doctor in 2015.

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