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What Is Hypolordosis? Symptoms and Treatment Options

A spine with its healthy curves in place will appear straight from the front and/or back and have a soft ‘S’ shape when viewed from either side, and if those curves fall with a healthy range, this means that the spine’s vertebrae are aligned as they should be. If an unnatural spinal curvature develops, the spine is no longer aligned and can cause a number of...

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What is Lumbar Lordosis & How to Fix Lumbar Lordosis

The spine’s natural and healthy curves are key to preserving optimal spinal health, strength, and function. If the spine loses one of its healthy curves, the biomechanics of the entire spine are disrupted as the health of each spinal curve is affected by the condition on the other spinal curves. Lumbar refers to the lower back, and lordosis refers to a spinal...

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What Is Levoscoliosis Of The Lumbar Spine? Causes, Treatment

Scoliosis is a highly-prevalent spinal condition that’s been around for hundreds of years. As our understanding of the condition has grown over those years, so too has our experience with different types of treatment. We also understand what a right- versus a left-bending scoliotic curve indicates; continue reading to learn why the difference is important. A...

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