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For chiropractors who find themselves called to serve the scoliosis population, CLEAR Scoliosis Certification provides a comprehensive, effective, and evidence-based approach to achieving consistently excellent results in people suffering from this spinal disorder.

In designing the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols, the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute evaluated all of the various factors that influence a positive long-term outcome, and also considered the practical needs of people living with scoliosis who are in need of care. After a careful review of the experiences of dozens of doctors in treating hundreds of scoliosis patients, two recommended care plans were created, Standard Treatment and Intensive Care.

These treatment plans are only recommended guidelines. CLEAR Institute does not provide any degrees or licensure to perform treatment. The treating doctor is responsible for examining each individual patient and determining their frequency and duration of care. 

Standard Treatment Certification

Standard Treatment Certification is the first level of certification in the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols. It certifies that a doctor has all of the necessary training and equipment to help people living with scoliosis with the CLEAR protocols. Patients typically live within driving distance of the CLEAR Scoliosis Center. Due to the fact that the patient lives close to the doctor and can commit to regular office visits, it is much easier for the doctor to monitor the patient’s progress, evaluate external factors that may be affecting treatment and encourage compliance with the mandatory home exercise program.

Certification Process

The process for achieving Standard Treatment certification is outlined below. While the last four steps may be accomplished in any particular order, past experience has suggested the order outlined below is the most efficient way to achieve CLEAR certification.

  1. Complete theOnline Course (Parts 1 & 2) – may be taken online (CE credits are available for online courses in most states)
  2. Pass the Qualification Exam – necessary to complete before registering for Part 3
  3. Attend the Hands-on workshop (Part 3) – must be attended in person*
  4. Complete Part 1 of the Practical Exam using the mock case provided to you.
  5. Complete three (3) days of in-clinic observation. At the end of your in-clinic observation, complete Part 2 of the Practical Exam which covers adjusting technique.
  6. Present a Case to the CLEAR Board of Directors for approval to present at a future symposium
  7. Present a Case at the CLEAR symposium

Once a chiropractor has achieved Standard Treatment certification, in order to maintain their certification status they are required to attend at least one workshop every year and continually submit data to CLEAR every year.

* Only Doctors of Chiropractic and students currently enrolled at a chiropractic college are allowed to attend Part 3 (the Hands-on Workshop). Members of all healthcare specialties are welcome to attend Parts 1 & 2 of the CLEAR Scoliosis Seminar series. Parts 1 & 2 of the seminar are considered to be the “Lecture” portion of the seminar, and are available to attend online.

Intensive Care Certification

When a doctor becomes certified in the CLEAR methods, they are granted the right to provide Standard treatment plans ONLY. Intensive Care Treatment Plans were established to provide the maximum benefit to the patient in the shortest period of time. It must be recognized, however, that this requires the patient to assume a much greater responsibility for follow-through after the initial phase of care than Standard Treatment plans.

Intensive Care (IC) certification requires additional training and testing. It is more difficult and demanding to provide, and CLEAR wants to ensure that every doctor who offers Intensive Care plans can meet or exceed the expectations of their patients.


Becoming Intensive Care Certified is a much more detailed and involved process than achieving Standard Treatment Certification. Doctors working on an intensive care basis have very little room for error. Since the doctor only works with the patient for a short period of time, any mistakes resulting in lost time can hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. For this reason, IC Certification is rigorous, extensive, and granted only to those doctors who have demonstrated complete mastery of the CLEAR protocols.

To achieve IC Certification, the doctor must:

  1. Maintain Treatment Certification for at least one year
  2. Present at least two (2) valid Case Studies at a CLEAR symposium (beyond the first one required to achieve Treatment Certification), each showing a reduction in the total Cobb angles of 25% or greater
  3. Attend at least one (1) Advanced Workshop, study an online presentation, and pass the Advanced Written Exam
  4. Spend a minimum of three (3) days training in an IC-certified clinic
  5. Assist with presenting at the Hands-On Workshop for Standard Certification
  6. After achieving IC Treatment Certification, the doctor must submit an IC Case Study to CLEAR Institute within three (3) months

Intensive Care certified doctors are expected to adhere to the same annual certification renewal processes that apply to all certified doctors, and may be held to a higher standard in certain regards. Any doctor that cannot maintain the expected high standards for Intensive Care certification is expected to immediately inform CLEAR Institute of this fact and return to only providing treatment to patients on a Standard treatment basis.

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