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The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute is a Non-Profit Organization. It is not a franchise. CLEAR limits its involvement with the CLEAR Scoliosis Clinics to providing training and certification to individual doctors of chiropractic. In order for a facility to be recognized as a CLEAR Scoliosis Center, it must:

  • employ at least one CLEAR Certified Doctor of Chiropractic;
  • possess all of the necessary equipment; and,
  • have access to radiographic services.

It is important to understand that only doctors of chiropractic can achieve CLEAR Certification.

In order for a facility to provide CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment and services, there must be a CLEAR Certified Doctor of Chiropractic on staff. This Chiropractor must be present during all examinations and re-examinations. They must also be present to provide chiropractic adjustments and therapies during each patient visit. The CLEAR Certified Chiropractor will be considered the primary treating doctor for the patient and will be responsible for the coordination of care for every patient undergoing CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment. They will be primarily responsible for developing the patient’s treatment plan and monitoring each patient’s compliance with the prescribed treatment regimen and home rehabilitation program.

The CLEAR Certified Chiropractor must have access to radiographic services to provide CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment. These can be provided by the facility, or by an independent imaging center. If an individual other than the CLEAR Certified Chiropractor is responsible for capturing the diagnostic images, they must be properly trained in CLEAR’s system of radiographic imaging protocols, and must agree to abide by these protocols and follow the instructions of the CLEAR Certified Chiropractor.

The facility must also have all of the necessary tools and equipment to effectively implement the protocols.

Last, the CLEAR Certified Chiropractor must commit to annual training and continuing education to ensure they stay up-to-date with new advancements in scoliosis treatment and research.

It is highly recommended that the facility employ Chiropractic Assistants (CA’s) or Physical Therapists (PT’s) to assist the CLEAR Certified Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) with adjunct therapies. The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute offers classes at its Scoliosis Workshops (Part 3 of the CLEAR Scoliosis Seminar series) specifically tailored for CA’s and PT’s who will be assisting a DC in working with scoliosis patients at a CLEAR Scoliosis Center.

International Clinics

Clinics established in locations outside of the United States are expected to adhere to the same standards of quality that are required of CLEAR certified clinics based in the United States. It is the mission of CLEAR to help people with scoliosis worldwide, and CLEAR is committed to improving access to its services, especially in underserved regions of the world. However, incomplete or imprecise application of the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols will not achieve consistently effective results, and may result in dissatisfaction on the part of the patient, as well as damage to the reputation of the treating doctor and the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute.

The first step in establishing any international clinic is to identify the primary treating doctor. CLEAR does not certify facilities or clinics, but rather individual Doctors of Chiropractic. Doctors must effectively implement the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols in order to maintain their CLEAR certification.

Due to the difficulty of mastering the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols, it’s more practical for a certified doctor to establish a properly-equipped facility than it is for a properly-equipped facility to recruit a doctor and invest in his or her certification.

The CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols depend on an advanced system of three-dimensional x-ray analysis. If a Doctor of Chiropractic is unable to take these x-rays due to regional or national laws or regulations, then the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols cannot be implemented in that particular region or country, and no CLEAR Scoliosis Center can exist. This is an unfortunate consequence of our commitment to providing quality, patient-centered care.

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CLEAR Scoliosis Institute is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit.

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