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Without contributions from generous donors and corporate sponsors, CLEAR would not be able to train doctors in alternative scoliosis methods. Without alternative treatment options, patients are often left to watch and wait until surgery is necessary. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our sponsors and donors, from everyone at CLEAR Scoliosis Institute.

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ScoliCare is a company at the forefront of innovation in scoliosis treatment, in particular advanced scoliosis brace design. ScoliBrace was developed by ScoliCare to provide a more corrective, more consistent, and more effective approach to scoliosis and kyphosis bracing. The 3D asymmetrical design of ScoliBrace overcomes many of the problems with traditional braces, and it has proven to complement and enhance scoliosis and kyphosis treatment methods such as the CLEAR Approach.

ScoliBrace is now available at over 150 clinics in 14 countries around the world, and ScoliCare is proud to have CLEAR doctors on its register of highly trained ScoliBrace providers.

ScoliCare continues to work towards better outcomes for scoliosis and kyphosis patients through a commitment to research and development, and delivering world-class education to health professionals. ScoliCare proudly sponsors the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and supports its members in delivering high standards of patient care and achieving the best possible results.

Visit or contact [email protected] for more information.

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