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September 8, 2021
Scoliosis Exercises: What Exercises Should You Do & Avoid

General exercise can improve a patient’s overall health, but can’t impact scoliosis on a structural level; scoliosis-specific exercises (SSEs) have corrective potential, especially when combined...

August 25, 2021
What Is Severe Scoliosis? Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment

Every case of scoliosis is unique and will affect patients differently. Variables like patient age and condition severity help shape a person's experience of life with the condition. Treatment plans...

August 11, 2021
What Is Moderate Scoliosis? Diagnosis, Symptoms & Treatment

As a progressive condition, scoliosis has it in its nature to get worse over time, especially if left untreated, or not treated proactively. Scoliosis is not a static condition; if a patient is...

July 28, 2021
What Is Mild Scoliosis? Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment

Just as there are different types of scoliosis that can develop, there are also different severity levels; these levels range from mild to severe and are classified based on the size of the abnormal...

July 14, 2021
Should I See a Chiropractor? 2 Signs You Should Visit One

When it comes to the spine, being proactive is important not only because there are a number of spinal conditions a person can develop, but also because some of those conditions are progressive, and...

July 6, 2021
E23: Lower Back Pain, and How It Relates to Scoliosis

Throughout Episode 23, Ashley Brewer and Dr. Alex meet to discuss lower back pain and how it relates to scoliosis. Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons employees miss work, so it...

June 30, 2021
Adult Scoliosis Bracing: How Bracing For Adults Is Different

While most people think of scoliosis as most commonly affecting children and adolescents, scientific studies reveal that adults are more likely to develop the progressive spinal condition. Treatment...

June 21, 2021
E22: What Are the Best Exercise Programs for Scoliosis?

In Episode 22, Ashley Brewer meets with Dr. Andrew Strauss to answer the question what are the best exercise programs for scoliosis? Whether you are looking for scoliosis-specific exercises that will...

June 16, 2021
Lower Back Pain and How it Relates to Scoliosis [ANSWERED]

Each case of scoliosis is as unique as the patients themselves. There are a number of important patient and condition variables that come into play when diagnosing and classifying a condition, and...

June 7, 2021
E21: Should I See a Chiropractor

In Episode 21 CLEAR-certified Dr. Alex Greaux and host Ashley Brewer venture a bit outside of the realm of scoliosis to answer the question - should I see a chiropractor? [buzzsprout...

June 2, 2021
What is Kyphosis? Causes & Treatment of Kyphosis Scoliosis

The spine is naturally curved at the neck, chest, and lower back, but if one of these curves becomes under- or over-pronounced, it can disrupt the biomechanics of the entire spine. Kyphosis and...

May 24, 2021
E20: Adult Scoliosis Bracing

Dr. Andrew Strauss has been actively engaged in scoliosis treatment for over 27 years. As the author of The Truth About Adult Scoliosis, Dr. Andrew is an excellent co-host for the topic of adult...

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