CLEAR Family Fund

It's an unfortunate fact that finances and insurance coverage often limit people's ability to choose the treatment option they would prefer. We established the CLEAR Family Fund specifically to help people overcome these barriers to receiving treatment. 100% of donations to the CLEAR Family Fund go towards empowering a deserving patient to obtain the care they need. If you or someone you love has been helped by chiropractic or the CLEAR methods, please consider donating to help someone suffering from scoliosis experience a similar life-changing experience. Your tax-deductible gift will relieve some of the stress and financial burden that can come with a diagnosis of scoliosis, and the stories of the patients who benefit from your donation will be shared in CLEAR's blog so that you can see the difference you made in their life.


How Does My Donation Make a Difference?

The journey to living a full life with scoliosis relies on a strong network of support, including family, friends and people like you. And the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute is ready to build on that support by offering highly customized care with proven results.

Lexi's Story

Hear what Lexi and her mom have to say about becoming part of the CLEAR community through Lexi’s successful treatment:


Family Fund Progress

Our first milestone is within reach! Can you help us close the gap? The fund only has $150 left to go before we can offer treatment to a scoliosis patient in need.

Your Gift Will Be Matched!

To help us reach our $3,000 goal, CLEAR doctors and supporters have stepped up to match your donation. This means that every dollar you give has double the value! Thank you to our matching contributors for their generous support:

Join us in offering CLEAR treatment to scoliosis patients looking for the opportunity to live a better life. You can also support the CLEAR Family Fund by making a purchase in our new online store.

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