C5 C6 Disc Bulging: All You Need to Know

C5 C6 Disc Bulging: All You Need to Know Image

The spinal cord serves as the communication point of the body’s central nervous system by carrying signals from the brain to the peripheral nerves. When disc problems such as C5 C6 disc bulging occur in the cervical spine, it can create pressure on the nerve roots next to the spinal cord, which can lead to a variety of symptoms and health concerns.

If you have recently been diagnosed with a C5 C6 bulging disc, you may find yourself asking questions such as:

  • What are the common symptoms associated with C5 C6 bulging disc?
  • How is a bulging disc diagnosed?
  • What can I do to keep things from getting worse?
  • Will I experience pain?
  • What is the difference between a bulging disc and a herniated disc?

Throughout this blog, we’ll explore the answers to all of these questions and more.

Bulging or Herniated?

Let’s first discuss the difference between a bulging disc and a herniated disc. Although the words are often used interchangeably, they are actually different. A protruding disc is considered herniated when a rupture or tear is present. When no rupture or tear is present in a protruding disc, it is considered a bulging disc.

A slipped disc and ruptured disc are both other names for a herniated disc.


The diagnosis of a C5 C6 bulging disc often includes a physical exam and imaging tests. While a physical exam is important and frequently includes neurological testing, the only way to be sure you have a bulging disc is through diagnostic image testing via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography (CT).


Patients with bulging and herniated discs may experience similar symptoms; however, not everyone experiences symptoms or pain. A C5 C6 bulging disc may lead to:

  • Pain in the neck, arms, hands or shoulders
  • Pins and needles or numbness in the neck, arms, hands, or shoulders
  • Muscle spasms or weakness
  • Discomfort in the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger

numbness, tingling, and pain The C5 C6 segments in the spine are frequently referred to as the stress vertebrae because they support most of the weight from the neck and head. This is one of the areas in the spine most frequently affected by poor posture.

When forward head posture is present, it places abnormal stress on the discs. Significant forward head posture can lead to C5 C6 disc bulging.

Pain associated with C5 C6 disc bulging can be experienced as a result of disc pain or nerve root pain. Nerve root pain and the associated symptoms are known as radiculopathy. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Cervical radiculopathy describes a compressed nerve root in the neck (cervical spine). Because the nerve roots in this area of the spine primarily control sensations in your arms and hands, this is where the symptoms are most likely to occur.”

In the proper position, the cervical spine has a natural curve at the top.  When the neck becomes straight, doctors can often see immediate changes in the surrounding nerves. This can often lead to the numbness and tingling associated with C5 C6 disc bulging.

Scoliosis and Bulging or Herniated Discs

Patients diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) may experience pain. Occasionally, this pain may be associated with a bulging or herniated disc. In fact, in a study of 152 patients with painful AIS, 32 had a herniated nucleus pulposus (inner core of the vertebral disc). This means that 21% of patients with painful AIS also had a herniated disc.

consistent recovery Treatment

Traditional medical treatment is one of the first approaches that patients opt for when they notice an issue or are experiencing pain from a bulging disc. Medical treatment may include:

  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Steroid pills or injections
  • Disc surgery (discectomy)
  • Spinal fusion surgery

Medical Treatment

Because a bulging disc can cause inflammation, doctors will often prescribe some sort of medication. Patients with severe symptoms can experience near constant pain. Medications such as steroids can temporarily reduce inflammation, therefore minimizing the pain patients experience.

Physical therapy can also be used to treat the symptoms of a bulging disc, but it can be painful and uncomfortable. Massage, heat, ultrasound or electric stimulation can be used by a PT to relieve pain.

As a last resort, doctors may recommend spinal fusion. This type of surgery fuses two or more discs of the spinal cord together. It can help to reduce the pain and physical alterations of the problem, but it will partially limit the patient for life. This type of surgery can have many types of complications such as infections, nerve damage, or even death.

Patients often try to avoid surgery due to the aforementioned limitations, combined with the natural fear of surgical procedures and the high costs. The main goal is to prevent surgery and try a few other methods to correct the spine and prevent it from getting any worse.

Treatment for Patients with Scoliosis - The CLEAR Approach 

fantastic results The CLEAR method was developed and has been in practice since 2000. It was created to provide scoliosis patients with options alternative to surgery, medications, injections, and other uncomfortable methods of treating scoliosis.

At CLEAR, our goal is to correct the biomechanics of the entire spine as much as possible, improving everything from the top down, instead of looking at only one specific area. By doing this, patients receive more favorable results.

Because of our approach, the CLEAR method is highly sought after by patients looking for an alternative nonsurgical approach to treating scoliosis.

Prior to beginning treatment at a CLEAR Scoliosis Center, patients may receive a digital motion X-ray. This process allows the scoliosis specialist to see how the cervical spine moves from all angles.

Each patient’s case is different and their recommended treatment will be unique to their individual case.  During a typical visit at a CLEAR Scoliosis Center, patients can expect to spend 90 to 120 minutes in the clinic. In-office treatment includes three different phases known in CLEAR Scoliosis Centers as mix, fix, set.

Another huge benefit that patients will experience with the CLEAR method is that they can do a significant portion of the treatment at home. A CLEAR-certified doctor will prescribe home care exercises that are designed to be painless, which is not always the case with traditional physical therapy or other remedies. Rather than three office visits a week, patients are able to do their prescribed home care in the comfort of their own home.

To determine whether scoliosis is progressing, re-examinations must occur. Re-exams are often done one to two times per year. A re-exam for scoliosis patients often includes X-rays to monitor results, recommendations and treatments, and corrections.

Patients who utilize the CLEAR approach experience consistent results. The following expectations show how reliable and influential the CLEAR approach can be:

  • 95% of patients say that they feel the same or better after each treatment (painless).
  • 70% of reported cases experienced zero side effects of the treatment process.
  • Light soreness was the only common side effect in the remaining 30% of cases.


Consistent results

Whether you’re dealing with C5 and C6 discs bulging from scoliosis, poor posture, or another cause, it is best to get evaluated by a trained expert, such as a CLEAR-certified chiropractor. Modern medical procedures are costly and often cause permanent side effects. The CLEAR method produces consistent results with little to no side effects.

If the C5 and C6 discs are bulging, they only cause pain about 50 percent of the time, but this condition can lead to a straightened neck; this leads to tension on the spine, known to cause numbness, pain, and tingling throughout the upper body.

While steroids and physical therapy can reduce inflammation, they’re not always able to get to treat the underlying cause of the problem. Here at CLEAR, our patients have been benefiting from our approach since it was first established in 2000.

If you suspect any kind of disc issue, our CLEAR-certified doctors have the training, experience, and knowledge to treat the condition in a non-invasive and effective way,  allowing each and every patient to continue living their best life.

Disclaimer: The author’s views are his or her own and may not reflect the views of CLEAR Scoliosis Institute.

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Author: Dr. Mark Myers

Dr. Myers passion for health started at a young age while reading nutrition books in junior high. In high school, Dr. Myers did many reports on the powerful effects of alternative Medicine. When his own sister was diagnosed with scoliosis, he saw how it affected her health and function on a daily basis. This eventually led him to his decision to become CLEAR-certified by the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute.
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3 comments on “C5 C6 Disc Bulging: All You Need to Know”

  1. Ive had degenerative c5 and c6 discs for over 36 years. What can i do to help the pain and discomfort? And if it means surgery what are the complications and also the success rate?

    1. Hello, Michael,

      Thank you for reaching out. Our CLEAR Scoliosis Institute Doctors are trained in helping patients restore the normal curvatures of their spine as much as possible without the use of surgery. They have specialized equipment in their office in order to help with this process. They are also trained in providing customized exercises per patient based on your individual needs and imaging. I would suggest contacting the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute certified clinic nearest to you. To find the closest clinic, please visit our website and click on Find a Doctor.

      Regarding surgical complications and success rate, you would have to speak with the orthopedic surgeon you have been referred to, as our doctors do not perform the surgery. Best of luck. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  2. Hi Dr. Myers. My name is Juan Jose Gonzalez. I live in Zephyrhills Florida I am 53 years old men. And in August 1st 2019 I got into a car accident which end up with a (MRI). So the doctor told me that I need a surgery a discectomy on my cervical between C3 and C4 with a plate infusion which I got it done. So after this I didn't have no problem with my back only a little bit of pain on my lumbar between L4 and L5 with a bulging disc. So a second (MRI) that he sent to performed and that he look at it was okay and I can go back to work. But then I continue with the pain so I call him back and he decides to perform a (MBB),(RFA) which I decide to do on July 28th and August 14th. But then I couldn't get it done because a slip and fall and and now I'm having problems with my back from the neck middle back and lumbar. But now I went to chiropractor and he send me to get an (MRI)he them look at them and he asked me if got a lawyer and I said yes. So he told me let me show you this because when I got to his office I could barely walk or move. Them he continues to tell me that I got a bulging and herniate disc between L4 and L5 and the disc is desiccated to and asked him what should I do them. So he told me them you should go and see a neurosurgery and remove the disc and look at the rest of the problem. And then that same day the lawyer call me and said he dropped the case because I slipped bud I didn't fall. So went and hire another lawyer so I explained to him and took my case and send me to see another chiropractor. Now this other chiropractor told me did I have to get therapy to get an evaluation but I told him I already know what I got and I need to see a Neurosurgery. And he told me that we was going to get an (MRI) from the cervical and the middle of the back. The second accident was on 7/16/2021. But now I got wait for those results and see what other damage I got and I'm in a lot of pain right now.
    Now those results from 7/16/2021 from my lumbar I get them and read them.
    1. Bulging disc at L3-4 eccentric to the left with left-sided L3-4 foraminal narrowing.
    2. Desiccated bulging disc at L4-5 with a central and left-sided disc herniation and left-sided L4-5 foraminal narrowing.
    3.Facet joint hypertrophy from L1-2 to L5-S1 bilaterally.
    4.Bilaterally renal cysts.

    I'm sorry for my writing but I'm not good on computers but I try my best. I will be in touch with you as soon as I get all the other results and I forgot to tell you that they found STENOSIS L4-5.
    If you want to call me my number #(813-770-0483)

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