That’s what I was told by a number of chiropractors when I realized I had severe scoliosis and needed to do something about it.

I was 73 at the time and was told over and over that I was too old to rehab and that a person needed to be young to “change” the spine.  So I want to give the over 50’s a heads up that they too can be successful in working toward a healthier, straight body.

Thank God I was directed to Dr. Dennis Woggon at the St. Cloud Chiropractic Clinic & CLEAR Scoliosis Center.  He gave me back my life.

I began rehab in January 2007, with Cobb angles of 79 lumbar, and 63 thoracic.  By May 2007, my Cobb angles were 67 lumbar, and 51 thoracic.  In October of that year, I was in a car accident and my neck had whiplash, which set me back in my rehab considerably.  I bought a vibe, and with the use of a traction device that goes along with it, I have used that almost every day (with the exception of travel).  In the past few months, I wear a backpack filled with weights as I do the vibe and traction, and the combination seems to work well. The backpack really makes you stand straight on the vibe.

I do my exercises daily along with the vibe.  That’s the secret to rehab in “old age,” commitment – as in anything else at any age.  I was so thrilled in the beginning to know that someone out there could help me that I promised myself I “would never give up.”

X-rays on March 21, 2011, show Cobb angles of 54 lumbar, and 39 thoracic.  I am thrilled to death.


I do, however, credit not only Dr. Dennis (a one of a kind miracle worker) and Dr. Josh (with my vibe and lots of encouragement)  but also my Dad, who was “Irish to the core” and taught us from early on never, ever, ever to give up on anything.  He lived to 102 and he lived that principle all his life.

In four years, I went from “really stooped over” to straight and it’s amazing that everything in the body works better now – imagine that!  Now that I have been given this gift of wellness from Dr. Dennis, I know that I can go into old age with a whole different body than was previously imagined.  We have talked about how long I will continue to do rehab and my answer is always “until I check out of this earth.” I made Dr. Dennis promise me that he will not “check out” of this world until after I do…..he agreed.

So, if I can do it, so can you all out there over 50 who have thought about beginning rehab but were hesitant about what changes you could make in your body.


And once you begin, don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing your daily exercises or from getting to rehab – your commitment will literally save your life.

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