Mary Jim

Mary Jim is just another example of how the CLEAR protocol for care can help scoliosis patients of all ages.

All her life, she has had to hem her left pants leg shorter than the right. She just thought her left hip was “flatter” than the right.

After physically caring for her terminally ill husband and finally losing him, she shut down emotionally and just laid on the couch, only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom for about a year. When she realized that she had to get up and go about living, she could hardly get off the couch and walk.

She noticed that her right shoulder was lower than her left, and had a sharp pain in her right buttock & thigh that was so intense she could barely walk. After 2 chiropractors, and a subsequent referral to an orthopedic specialist, she was sent home hopeless to deal with the pain and disability.When Mary Jim first met Dr. Mark Berry, she asked “Do you really think you can do anything to help me?” He replied that he knew without a doubt, from the training I had received from CLEAR Institute, that he could.  He remembers thinking, "If not me, who was going to help her? She had already been turned away by multiple types of doctors."

Mary Jim was a professional dance teacher most of her life, and has an extreme level of energy. When Dr. Mark began working with Mary Jim, all she wanted out of treatment was to feel better. She could not sit, stand or walk for long periods. What upset her most was that, as a devoted Christian, she could not sit in church without having to leave during the sermon due to the unbearable pain running down her leg.  Driving to see her grand kids was completely out of the question. Her condition had progressed up the point to where she had no time for anything else but trying to manage the pain.

Dr. Mark says, "The first two chiropractors didn't specialize in structural corrective care.  As a chiropractor who understands the correlation between the structure of the spine with function & well-being, I knew that the answer to her problems was not to just relieve the pain, but to fix the structure to allow her body to function correctly. Using the CLEAR protocol, Mary Jim's pain began to subside within a few weeks, and her scoliosis began to straighten, from its original Cobb angle of 30 degrees, down to 13 today. Seeing these results, Mary Jims goal's quickly changed from just wanting to be out of pain, to wanting to have a 100% straight spine. She is one of the most determined patients I have ever worked with, and is completely committed to defeating her condition and working with me to optimize her health. Today she is able to sit through church, jazzercise, teach dance, and travel to see her grand children without any problems. Mary Jim is an inspiration to scoliosis patients of all ages, and also to me as a doctor. I am so thankful for the ability CLEAR Institute has given me to help all of my patients, including people with scoliosis."

If you have scoliosis, do yourself a favor - schedule a consultation with a CLEAR-certified doctor today. Hope is just around the corner!

Just ask Mary Jim.

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