#GivingTuesday Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness for Scoliosis

#GivingTuesday Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness for Scoliosis

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St. Cloud, MN - November 25, 2019 

CLEAR Scoliosis Institute announces the launch of their Giving Tuesday campaign and hopes to raise $25,000 to raise awareness for alternative scoliosis treatment.

So what is Giving Tuesday all about? #GivingTuesday happens the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has become one of the most successful nonprofit fundraising days of the year. On Tuesday, December 3, people around the globe will support causes that are important to them. In 2018, Giving Tuesday brought in $380 million dollars online, with Facebook alone raising more than $125 million for charity.

Starting at 8am eastern on Tuesday, December 3, donors can make twice the impact by donating on Facebook! Facebook will match up to $7 million in donations made on Facebook to US nonprofits on a first-come, first-served basis. 

All funds donated to CLEAR Scoliosis Institute will go towards providing advanced scoliosis training for doctors and students, raising awareness, helping fund research efforts, providing scholarships, and giving essential support to people affected by scoliosis.

  • $10 will allow a scoliosis patient to discover the CLEAR approach with our patient information packet. 
  • $50 will cover the registration cost for one chiropractic student to attend advanced scoliosis training. 
  • $100 will allow CLEAR to send materials on accurate scoliosis screening methods to up to four schools. 
  • $180 will provide scoliosis exercise equipment to a low income patient. 
  • $250 will allow a chiropractic student to enroll in CLEAR's online classroom and receive advanced scoliosis training while still in school. 
  • $500 will help research, author, and publish a scoliosis case study. 

CLEAR Scoliosis Institute

CLEAR Scoliosis Institute is a nonprofit organization for scoliosis patients who are searching for alternative, non-surgical treatment options that provide pain relief and correct posture. CLEAR has developed an innovative and specialized chiropractic treatment protocol that improves scoliosis, reduces chronic pain, and alleviates related health conditions through customized treatment plans that don’t include surgery, drugs, injections, and other invasive medical procedures or equipment. 

The CLEAR approach to treating scoliosis involves an exercise-based protocol where patients learn custom-designed exercises they can do in the comfort of their home. After the custom exercise program is developed, patients are monitored in a CLEAR Scoliosis Center. Although research is ongoing, over 95% of patients report positive results after treatment. 

CLEAR educates chiropractic professionals and does research on innovative scoliosis treatment without surgery. CLEAR is an acronym standing for Chiropractic Leadership, Educational Advancement, and Research.

Contact: Ashley Brewer | Executive Director | 866.663.7030 | https://clear-institute.org/ | [email protected] 

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