Scoliosis Awareness Month: How to Get a CLEAR Scoliosis Screening

scoliosis awareness month

In honor of June’s designation as National Scoliosis Awareness Month, CLEAR Certified Doctors are offering scoliosis screenings at every location around the world. Schedule a screening for you or a loved one using the following instructions and help us spread the word about scoliosis!

What is Scoliosis Awareness Month?

The National Scoliosis Foundation estimates that there are more than four million scoliosis cases in the U.S., but it’s a condition that’s not largely understood or effectively treated. Established in 2011, Scoliosis Awareness Month works to change that by educating the public and promoting the need for early detection.

Get Screened for Scoliosis

To get a scoliosis screening at any of our CLEAR Certified Doctor locations, all you need is to provide confirmation of a donation of $1 or more in the month of June. Alternatively, any purchase from our online store during June also qualifies for a screening. You can feel good about your gift or purchase knowing it supports the mission of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute!

Please follow these steps and contact us with any questions:

  1. Find a CLEAR doctor near you.
  2. Make a donation of $1 or more to the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute or purchase any item from our online store.
  3. Print the email confirmation for your donation or purchase.
  4. Bring the printed email to the doctor’s office.

This special offer is also transferable and can be given to any of your friends or family members! For multiple screenings, or to transfer a screening to a loved one, make a separate donation or purchase for each individual (including children) and provide them with the confirmation email to bring to the doctor’s office.

Will You Help Spread the Word?

Even if you don’t need to be screened for scoliosis yourself, you might know someone that could benefit from early detection or that has a family history of scoliosis. As a part of Scoliosis Awareness Month, please help us spread the word about the benefits of scoliosis screenings as well as this special offer from CLEAR Certified Doctors.

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4 comments on “Scoliosis Awareness Month: How to Get a CLEAR Scoliosis Screening”

  1. Dear Clear Institute Team.

    My name is Marcia and I live in Brazil.
    In March 2016, I discovered that my daughter Gabriele, born on 03/02/2004 (12 years old) had S-scoliosis, with a grade close to 40. She was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis of the adolescent. By appointment the orthopedist is wearing orthopedic vest, but after 1 year and 3 months using the vest, doing 2 sessions of pilates per week, the degree of scoliosis increased a little more.
    It is currently 42 degrees at the thoracic spine, and 41 degrees at the lumbar spine. Visually scoliosis is not noticeable because it is a compensated scoliosis.
    As a mother, hoping to find a cure for scoliosis, I conducted numerous searches over the internet and discovered "Clear." I would like to know how I could help my daughter, because I can not afford to go to the United States for this treatment, since I live in Brazil.
    I would like to know if the treatment performed at the Clear Institute could be performed at a distance, either by indication of exercises or another type of treatment protocol, and if it is really possible to regress this scoliosis, because the surgery seems to be close. My daughter is still growing. Currently with 1 meter and 66cm height.
    I would like to know if in Brazil there is already a qualified professional with the technique covered by the Clear Institute? Otherwise I need to be guided and taught how I can help my daughter !!!

    Thank you. Awaiting return.


    1. Hello Márcia,
      A list of all of the CLEAR Certified doctors can be found here:
      Unfortunately, we do not currently have any CLEAR Certified chiropractors in Brazil. However, we encourage you to reach out to chiropractors in your area and introduce them to the CLEAR method. We have a helpful blog for when there isn't a CLEAR doctor in your area:
      We also have free resources for chiropractors here:
      Our seminars are available online, and there is a great demand for scoliosis treatment in South America. It is possible to reduce and stabilize scoliosis, but it requires a long-term commitment, which is ideally achieved through working together with a knowledgeable doctor and their team. If it is not possible to travel to receive treatment, then working with a chiropractor in your area and encouraging them to become CLEAR Certified is your best option.
      Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is more we can do to help. I wish your daughter all the best of success in her scoliosis journey!

  2. I live in new jersey. I see that you have a doctor in fort lee and a doctor in nanuet, ny. I see bracing listed as an alternative. I am bothered by this because i thought CLEAR is not about bracing. Also, i dont know if either one of them prescribes a traction chair for home use (even if insurance diesnt cover it, i would pay for it). I understand your method is based in chiropractic manipulation, exercises and a traction chair.

    1. CLEAR was originally developed to provide an alternative to bracing & surgery, for those individuals whom (for whatever reason) those options were not acceptable. We are committed to providing our doctors with information about all different types of therapies, so they can be familiar with all the different methods of treating scoliosis. Some CLEAR doctors are exploring a new type of brace which seems to be more effective than older designs; however, this brace is not a formal part of the CLEAR protocols.
      All CLEAR doctors can prescribe Scoliosis Traction Chairs, which are a vital part of the home rehab protocols for moderate to severe curves. You can find more detailed informationbout the CLEAR treatment protocols here: and here:

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