Scoliosis Information and Helpful Resources

Scoliosis Information

Were you or a loved one recently diagnosed with scoliosis? Or do you want to better understand what a close friend or family member is experiencing? Perhaps you’re looking for support as you maneuver daily life with scoliosis? While there’s a lot of scoliosis information floating around the web, trustworthy information on scoliosis can be hard to find.

In honor of scoliosis awareness month this June, we pulled together a list resources that we’ve found to be most helpful for scoliosis patients and their loved ones. The following resources are full of great scoliosis information in a variety of different formats, from YouTube videos to Facebook Groups to research studies.

Spend your scoliosis awareness month acquainting yourself with resources that can help you better understand scoliosis and how to manage it on a daily basis.

Scoliosis Information

Learn more about scoliosis as a condition, its causes and how it’s diagnosed and treated. These websites can provide you with a good base of knowledge to build on through the resources that follow.

Exercise and Stretching

Scoliosis-specific exercises and stretches are an important element of alternative and non-surgical treatment approaches. But, before trying anything new, be sure to run the routine by your doctor. Check out these resources for scoliosis exercises and stretches to do in the comfort of your own home.

YouTube Channels

YouTube is a great resource for visual learners. The following channels regularly post informational videos and video workouts for those with scoliosis. You can even subscribe so that you receive an alert when a new video is posted.


Already know the basics? If you want to learn more about topics like new treatment approaches and the effects that scoliosis can have on the human body, these informational webinars are for you.

Scoliosis Research

Wondering about the research behind a particular treatment or approach? These resources house thousands of research studies and scientific journal articles related to scoliosis. Within each site, do a search for the scoliosis topic you’re most interested in, such as “chiropractic scoliosis treatment” or “scoliosis surgery complications” to see if there is research to support your questions about treatment.

Patient and Family Forums

If you’re looking for support for your journey with scoliosis, online forums are a great place to start. Join a forum to ask or answer your peers’ questions about scoliosis, as well as the complications and pain it can cause. There are many stories of lifelong friendships beginning through an online forum.

Facebook Groups

Similarly to an online forum, Facebook Groups allow those with scoliosis and their loved ones to request membership in order to communicate and connect with others in similar situations. The following groups are great places to start, but there may also be smaller groups in your specific location. It’s worth doing a quick search in Facebook for “scoliosis group” followed by your city or state.


Stay up-to-date with the scoliosis organizations that you care about by following their blog. The following organizations regularly post content about understanding scoliosis, daily life and treatment.

Other Resource Roundups

This list of resources is not entirely comprehensive, but it’s a great place to start. The following organizations also provide scoliosis information and resources that they’ve deemed helpful.

Explore these resources to find support and tips that can make daily life with scoliosis more manageable. Do you have any other scoliosis information or resources that you’ve found helpful? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always looking for new resources!

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